Ahoy! My name's John -- and let me welcome you to BLCK FLAG! 


This is my digital art studio for nerds, made by a nerd. I'm stoked to have finally launched this passion project! I'm a digital product designer by trade, but in my free time, I love creating & reimagining new art pieces from my favorite pop culture fandoms.  


My process here at BLCK FLAG varies from piece to piece and can involve anything from photobashing and digital painting to image manipulation and superimposing. There's even some code ninja-ing at times but there's ALWAYS a lot of trial and error. Usually, I'll sketch out drafts or find reference & foundational images from nerd-favorite pop-culture movies, shows, games, etc., and then digitize those sketches or head directly into Photoshop.


Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or commission requests.